Sunday, 6 January 2013


vapaapäivät = holidays

port fairy is a coastal town south west, victoria, australia. it lies on the princes highway in the shire of moyne, 28 kilometres west of warnambool and 290 kilometres west of melbourne, at the point where the moyne river enters the southern ocean.

at the 2006 census, port fairy had a population of 2,599. it's main industries are tourism and fishing, and it is the home port of victorias largest fishing fleets.

port fairy has a rich history and 50 buildings are protected by the National trust of australia. griffiths island nearby holds a breeding colony of the Short-tailed Shearwater or australian muttonbird.

it is the ideal place to spend the summer it has the most scrumptious gelato emporium in australia.  

 summers essential-kiddie pool + loafer fantastica (featuring alpha60 socks) + port fairy


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